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CEBSA is your strategic ally in electrical and electromechanical services

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Más de 30 años ayudando a lograr las metas de producción y ahorro energético de clientes de todos los sectores.

Nuestra experiencia

Nuestros números y trayectoria nos respaldan.
30 Años de experiencia
5 Ubicaciones
+200 Clientes industriales
+20 Clientes contratistas generales
95% Tasa de repetición comercial
+25 Marcas autorizadas distribuidas


Incorporamos a nuestros procesos un alto nivel de seguridad, calidad e ingeniería acorde a cada necesidad.

Historias de éxito

Valoramos la confianza de nuestros clientes, y la correspondemos superando sus expectativas.

Cushman & Wakefield They were fundamental to the development and execution of our project.
Rheem Customer service and attention are your most valuable asset.
Cindy Sophia Psihas Project & Development Services

CEBSA is a company with characteristics that make it essential for the development and execution of electromechanical projects. From the beginning, they are committed to listening to the requirements and understanding the needs of their clients, to develop a comprehensive and functional project, contemplating value engineering and system optimization. During the construction process, they carry out adequate and timely monitoring to identify possible risks and propose solutions. I would especially like to highlight the closeness and complicity with their clients, making their problems their own and obtaining good results.

Tomas Osuna, Eng. Operations Director

CEBSA is one of the best providers of electromechanical services with which we have been working for more than 20 years. They have become an important partner of our organization and have been part of the growth of our company. Without a doubt, customer service and attention is its most valuable asset, always completing all its projects in a timely manner.


Creemos en las certificaciones a nivel mundial que avalan la calidad y solidez de nuestros servicios e infraestructura. Por ello, nos encontramos en proceso de obtener las certificaciones de ISO 9001 e ISO 45001.
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