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Hermosillo & Asociados

Hermosillo & Asociados   Project:  Nave 16 Size: 161,580 S.F Location: : Apodaca, Nuevo León     Electrical installations for a new building for an area of 161,580 SQ. S.F....

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Pentair Water

Pentair Water   Project: Pleatco Pure Size: 110,000 SQ.FT Location: Louisville, KY to Mexicali, BCN     Manufacturing site relocation from Louisville, KY to Mexicali, BCN for an area of  110,000 SQ.FT...

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Grupo NS

Grupo NS   Project: LinkzCables Size:  197,524 SQ. FT. Location: Reynosa, Tamaulipas     Electrical and hydraulic installations for process equipment for a BTS building for an area of ​​197,524...

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Constructora Titán

Constructora Titán   Project: Ametek Phase 2 Size:   225,397 SQ.FT. Location: Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas     Electrical and compressed air system installations for the expansion of the Ametek building...

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Arco National Construction

Arco National Construction   Project:  RealCold Size:   313,870 SQ. FT Location: Lockhart, Texas     Electrical Installations for a Build-to-suit new cold storage / freezer building for an area of 313,870 SQ....

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Forza Steel

Forza Steel Project:  Forza Steel Size:    550,000 SQ. FT. Location: Brownsville, TX     Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic installations for a new building for an area of ​​51,096 m2 (550,000...

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