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Safe and efficient solutions
We are your one-stop solution

Safe and efficient solutions

Comprehensive services that allow you to measure, monitor and automate processes to optimize resources and achieve your energy goals.

We are your one-stop solution

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We detect opportunity areas to develop an improvement plan.
We focus on optimizing the energy capacities of your facilities.
By implementing preventive maintenance, we avoid damages and interruptions to your production processes.

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Production line installations

When a production line is shut down, losses accumulate every second. This forces our customers to rely on a larger production bench.

At CEBSA we are aware of this, and that is why we cover the entire cycle of the transfer of a production line: from the teardown at the place of origin, to the operation tests at the new location.

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Electrical and electromechanical installations

Specialized manufacturing processes require a suitable, safe, and long-lasting electrical and electromechanical infrastructure.

At CEBSA we design and carry out electromechanical installations according to national and international norms and standards. Our goal is that your production does not experience any interruption and that your equipment works optimally to achieve your energy saving goals. Our guarantee is backed by the use of the leading brands in the electrical industry, as well as our specialized and caring labor.

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Predictive maintenance to electrical systems (Infrared Thermography)

At CEBSA we are aware that an unplanned shutdown affects a company's profitability.

With infrared thermography, we detect loose connections, overloads, detect early failures & monitor equipment conditions, unbalances between phases, or improper installations.

This type of diagnosis is essential to have suitable and safe electrical installations that allow a prolonged and sustainable operation.

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Preventive and corrective maintenance to electrical systems

At CEBSA we are aware that each plant outage is a unique opportunity to detect possible anomalies affecting the continuity of your electrical system.

That is why we perform field tests to confirm the condition of the electrical system components in terms of insulation level, TTR, dielectric strength, power factor test, winding and contact resistance, circuit breaker trip tests, and ground system measurements.

We also perform physical and chromatographic analysis of transformer oil, as well as oil degassing and filtering services.

Likewise, we have components and equipment in stock for the solution of unforeseen events.

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Electrical monitoring systems and energy control (BMS)

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. That is why the first step to achieve energy efficiency goals is to perform measurements for diagnostic purposes.

We offer energy monitoring systems that enable the following benefits:

  • Apportion costs between different production lines, processes, load types, etc.
  • Monitoring for compliance with the RED code
  • Timely reaction through alarms in case of deviation
  • Comparison of energy supplier billing
  • KNX technology solutions for equipment control and efficient use
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Robotics and automation

Process automation is essential for the optimization of resources and the ideal and safe operation of your facilities.

That is why CEBSA offers the following services:

  • Functional Safety in Machinery
  • Design and assembly of automation panels
  • Modernization of panels
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Industrial Ventilation

We offer Industrial Ventilation solutions through the Big Ass Fans brand, with which we are certified for the design of ventilation solutions in industrial spaces.

These solutions provide comfort and enable greater productivity for employees by improving their thermal sensation thanks to air circulation. In projects with HVAC systems, an estimated energy savings of 3% is achieved for every degree Fahrenheit that approaches the thermostat's target temperature.

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Machinery Installation and Assembly

At CEBSA, we offer transportation, installation, and assembly services for large equipment for maquiladoras. Our team of experts ensures the safe and efficient relocation of your machinery, followed by professional installation and assembly. We handle every step of the process with precision and care, allowing your operations to resume quickly and smoothly. Trust CEBSA for all your large-scale equipment needs, and experience unparalleled service and expertise.


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