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December 17, 2021

As Corporación Eléctrica del Bravo (CEBSA), we have delivered electrical and electromechanical solutions to the industry, with a wide range of solutions and geographic coverage growing steadily for over 25 years.

We provide engineering, procurement, construction, and electrical maintenance services, using our experience to solve problems through the best approaches in safety, technology, project management, administration, and quality. In addition, we offer commissioning services of substations, drying of transformers, installations in High, Medium, and Low Voltage systems, and equipment maintenance.

We began by delivering local services in Nuevo Laredo (since 1991) and Reynosa (since 2000). In 2010, we expanded our international assistance by opening a branch as CEBSA INC, in Mission, Texas. After a fourth branch opening in Monterrey (since 2014), we have more than 350 employees committed to providing just in time quality services in every type of project.

Our expansion has shown us new horizons and allowed us to be hungrier every time we succeed. The approach we take to keep improving is to position ourselves as learners. Our priority will remain as providing a solution for the real leaders of our project: you.


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